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A Gratitude Letter From the Year 2224

Updated: Feb 23

A group of young Nepalese was asked to write as if they were living 200 years from now. Here is how they thanked us, the people living in 2024.

Dear person living in 2024,

We, the people living in the future, would like to, first of all, thank you for all your efforts and conscious thoughts dedicated to us, the people of the future. Your work has made life so much easier for us. With the technology that you have developed and ideas that you have passed on, life on Earth has continued to be beautiful. 

Living in almost every country in the world now is pleasurable due to the widespread ideas about democracy and good governance. Wars and major destructive events are now unheard of due to the entire shift in people’s worldviews. The most valuable resources for us, the people of the future, is information. So, it is meaningless fighting over a piece of land.

Somehow we, people of the future, also realize that dedicating our resources and efforts for collective Good of the world, instead of for selfish aspirations of one or two countries, is far more productive and helpful. We have now learned to spend trillions of dollars on the purpose of defending ourselves by making the world a more equitable, fair, and peaceful place to live than ever before.

Turning on the history books, which is the present for you guys, I suppose, is like going on a wild visualization journey. People are now no longer judged based on the color of their skin, race, ethnicity, gender, or other variables, but only on the content of their character. Equity and fairness are not something we have to fight for anymore. Because all of us believe that, as soon as we are born as human beings, that is a given. People are not forced into something that they don’t want to do or they don’t want to become. We have the freedom of choice more than ever before. It is also very interesting to us that climate change used to be a thing before the pivot away from fossil fuels, and into a greener and cleaner, source of energy which really took off during the time of my grandparents, which is like your grandkids. And now we see fossil fuel-based technologies only in museums.  We have only you to thank for that, I suppose. Because of your conscious effort, advocacy, and dedication, we live in a wonderful world where we don’t have to worry about the future of our upcoming generations. So, a very heartfelt thank you.

With that said, it was quite surprising how long it took for you guys to get everyone on the agenda of climate change. But nevertheless, you guys did it. Congratulations on your efforts and cheers.

With a heart full of gratitude,

A Person from the Future Generation.

This letter was written by Kushal Chaudhary, Gaurab Bhattarai, Karuna Mahat, Rojina Acharya and Swikriti Parajulias who were part of the course Common Earth Insights: Developing a Systemic Understanding of Climate Change, especially delivered for ICA Nepal.



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