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Common Earth:
Developing a Systemic Understanding of Climate Change

A cross-disciplinary exploration of the root causes of and solutions to the climate crisis.

Common Earth offers multi-dimensional programs on the environment and sustainable development to address questions surrounding how we might move to a caring society that puts carbon in its place. Common Earth's comprehensive programs deepen participants' understanding of climate and socio-economic issues from a broad perspective. Here we see the interconnection and dependencies of seemingly disparate issues. By examining the role of thought in our human experience, one discovers how to think more creatively and with greater clarity to approach our concerns, including the climate crisis.

The elements of our programs include:

Intensive Study

The study program is a holistic examination of various factors necessary to fully engage in the emerging post-carbon, caring society.

Learning occurs through a combination of lectures, seminars, discussions and self-study using online courses, readings and videos. 

Each topic covered will relate to the question: "How can we move to the emerging caring society that puts carbon in its place."

We offer two different programs according to participants' interest and availability.

Participant reading texts.


Part of Common Earth's commitment to a new awareness is seen in its efforts to gain a deep understanding of the current economic system that holds the obstructions to the emergence of the post-carbon caring society. As new relevant information is brought to light, it is translated into content and integrated into the Common Earth curriculum

Experiential Projects

People will gain new insights as a result of their participation in the programs. We believe it is vital for participants to solidify their insights by undertaking some form of volunteer project. The project could be in their local community or helping the Common Earth community to grow.


We have adopted DaisyWorld to help represent places that are either making a positive or a negative impact on the climate. An interactive Google Earth map features instances of contributors to the climate crisis with an environmental hazard symbol.  Places combatting climate change are represented with a white daisy because white reflects the suns heat and cools the planet.


Common Earth exemplifies the emerging caring society by continuously engaging and equipping its staff and participants thus creating a positive, reinforcing feedback loop to grow the people to heal the earth.

Course Options
Common Earth Insights

Through our classic comprehensive program, participants develop an ability to zoom out, which helps to reveal the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated issues. Participants develop insights in the domains of systems thinking, socioeconomics, philosophy, and psychology, all through a scientific lens, thus empowering them to confidently be part of the change! This classic course remains our hallmark where people are encouraged to enroll to benefit from the deep insights that can only result from significant time spent engaged with the material and with one another.

Reframing Climate Change

 This program offers a smaller course load, offering similar core themes and values to that of our classic course. The Course extends participants’ understanding of sustainability and the systemic changes required to justly live within our planetary boundaries. 

I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

- Lily Tomlin

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