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Common Earth Soil Health increases sequestration of Carbon to mitigate global warming.
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From Common Earth’s beginnings, we’ve been intrigued by Nature’s use of photosynthesis and healthy soil to capture atmospheric Carbon and trap it in the ground – where we actually need it.  Our Soil Health team focuses on increasing this sequestration of Carbon to mitigate global warming.  We understand there are no simple solutions to the complex causes of climate change.  But Systems Thinking tells us to utilize the highest leverage points to effect change - and for us that's healing Earth’s soils through widespread adoption of Regenerative Agriculture, Agroforestry and Permaculture practices.

Putting Carbon where it belongs

Life-Sustaining Photosynthesis and Carbon

Using sunlight, water and healthy soil, plants capture Carbon and share it with other organisms as the basis for all life on Earth.

Soil Health - Photosynthesis

Atmospheric Carbon and Changed Climate

Today there is 20% more Carbon in the atmosphere than in 1980.  Much of this Carbon - previously stored in Earth’s plants, soils and animals - was released by cutting forests, combusting fossil fuels, and cultivating farmland.


Atmospheric Carbon and other greenhouse gases now form a thick blanket holding excess heat around Earth, increasing temperatures, changing climate, and threatening life.

Daisy Quote

“When we eliminate plants like we do with modern industrial farming, we eliminate microbial and plant life.  Living plants in the soil, as a green cover year-round, support the microbes that create fertile soil with high nutrient status and high water-holding capacity.”  

- Soil scientist Dr. Christine Jones

Carbon From Atmosphere to Soil

Healthy soils contain large quantities of Carbon, and that Soil Organic Carbon promotes beneficial mineral and nutrient exchanges between soil and plants.  So, by capturing and sequestering Atmospheric Carbon in soil, we:

  • mitigate accumulations of Atmospheric Carbon and Earth’s heat, and

  • build mineral-rich, nutrient-rich soils that support all plant, animal and human life on Earth.

Soil Health - Intergenerational Restoration
Daisy Quote

"The Farmer manages ecosystems - taking sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make them into products that are to be sold.  Period.”

- Research Manager and Professor Dr. Dwayne Beck

Common Earth - The 6 principles of Soil Health

Carbon-Rich Soil from Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative farming practices complement nature and photosynthesis to reverse degradation in soil, water, and air quality by restoring the soil ecosystem’s natural biology.  Specific practices are rooted in these principles:

·    Respect local conditions

·    Minimize disturbance of the surface

·    Cover with plant life year-round

·    Keep live roots year-round

·    Grow and rotate a diverse mix of plants

·    Integrate grazing livestock

Daisy Quote

“It is estimated that at least 50 percent of the carbon in the Earth’s soils has been released into the atmosphere over the past centuries. Bringing that carbon back home through regenerative agriculture is one of the greatest opportunities to address human and climate health, along with the financial well-being of farmers.”

- Project Drawdown

Regenerative Agriculture and Global Warming

Farmers using regenerative practices have increased Soil Organic Carbon by on average 10 tonnes per hectare per year.  Adopting these practices on Earth’s 1.87 billion hectares of farmable land can remove and sequester Atmospheric Carbon at massive scale and dramatically mitigate global warming.

Regenerative Agriculture - Common Earth
Daisy Quote

“We must make the adoption of regenerative agriculture available for all farmers from all backgrounds.  We must educate not only farmers and ranchers but all society as to these concepts which are rooted in indigenous knowledge.  It is not just about emission reductions.  It’s about our land’s resilience and ability to function. Regenerating our soil ecosystem is the most cost-effective investment we can make to mitigate climate change and heal society.”

- Farmer and author Gabe Brown

Soil Restoration - Abbey Gardens

Common Earth and Regenerative Agriculture

Common Earth Soil Health Inc. is actively demonstrating, modeling, and replicating Regenerative Agriculture practices globally to put Carbon where it belongs: in Earth’s soils.

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