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Agency and Urgency

The climate crisis is growing exponentially. The most important rule about responding to a situation that is growing exponentially is to respond with urgency.

Because Methane is about 83 time more powerful a greenhouse gas than CO2 when measured over the short term, significantly reducing the amount of methane that is going into the atmosphere will have an immediate and outsized impact on the warming of the planet, buying us critical time to figure out just transitions away from fossil fuels. So, reducing methane is the single thing we can do NOW to have a big effect on the climate crisis.

If just those of us who are concerned about the environment make the decision to reduce or no longer consume beef it will have a significant (quantifiable) impact on the warming of the planet. Reducing our beef consumption is the single biggest leverage point an individual can make quickly without having to wait for permission or decision from governments or corporations.

If we as individuals take this step, and we do it as part of a larger community, it will give us the experience of our own agency. This will provide us with momentum to take subsequent steps. The commons can drive change faster than governments and corporations can act.

Each adult in our society must ask themselves this question: What does it feel like for a young person today to hear their parents say they are concerned about the environment but that they are not concerned enough to make changes to their lifestyle?

Join the Campaign

If you are ready to cut methane emissions by reducing the consumption of beef, please provide the following information:

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