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Giving More

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Tis the season of giving. As we search for ways of balancing how we demonstrate the love we feel for people around us and our desire for a more sustainable planet, Arlene Williams (Pod 7) recommends referencing the Buy Less Gift Guide. Ideas include experiences, pre-loved gifts, repaired gifts, shared gifts, upcycled gifts, arts, chores and tasks, classes, refurbished gifts, and baked goods and meals.

Giving back is another wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season within your communities. Donating perhaps money, but also your time to your preferred charity, a local food bank, or a not-for-profit can make a big difference. Some ideas could include visiting a nursing home, a children’s hospital, an orphanage, or a shelter. Some charities will also accept the donation of physical items, so check what they need, and what restrictions they have for accepting items. Another way of giving back is to offer your time and skills to help a neighbour or a family member that could use some help.

And finally, the Common Earth Insight Course would make for a wonderful gift for both adults and teens who are interested in understanding the interconnectedness of climate issues and who would like to be part of a caring community. By “gifting” the course to friends and family, they will be able to begin their impactful experience on January 17th if the person is an adult, and January 18th, if the person is between 15 and 18. Please consider giving the gift of a Common Earth experience to your loved ones.


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