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Environmental Activism in the Time of "Global Boiling".

Global Boiling - A Sobering Reality

Last week, the UN Secretary-General made a striking remark that resonates deeply with the current state of our planet. We are no longer just facing global warming; instead, we are experiencing global boiling. The scorching and record-breaking heat waves sweeping across the globe serve as a testament to this dire situation. This summer has been one of the hottest in recent history, and the climate feedback from these extreme temperatures has been devastating. The soaring heat has created a fertile ground for wildfires, droughts, and in some regions, unprecedented floods. The root cause of these catastrophic events lies in the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in our atmosphere, trapping outgoing heat from the sun.

Too often in the environmental movement, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the feedback systems that produce one disaster after another. While acknowledging the challenges is crucial, it should never hinder our ability to take meaningful climate actions and envision a brighter future. Hope is an incredibly powerful force that inspires change and drives action.

Even as we grapple with the enduring legacy of GHG concentration and its impact, it is equally important to recognize and appreciate the steps we are taking in the present. I want to highlight several monumental events that have taken place in Canada over the past few months, giving us reasons to celebrate and stay motivated as we move forward.

  • First and foremost, Canada's budget for 2023 dedicated major focus on clean energy and the energy transition, with a noteworthy allocation of a significant budget for the care and clean up of the Great Lakes.

  • Additionally, the passing of bill S-5 which recognizes a clean environment as a human right, is a critical step in our journey towards a sustainable future.

  • Furthermore, the Just Transition Act laid the groundwork for a low-carbon future, presenting a monumental policy piece to guide our efforts.

  • Let's not forget the groundbreaking decision by Canada to be the first country among the G-20 nations to phase out inefficient subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, setting a positive example for the world.

Beyond Canada's borders, Europe's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive is another remarkable development that signifies the global commitment towards sustainability.

Not to be left behind, the US's Build Back Better initiative showcases the country's recognition of shaping a more resilient and eco-friendly future.

These achievements are not meant to imply that our work is complete; far from it. They serve as a reminder that every step, no matter how small, contributes to the broader collective action toward a better world. It is essential that we appreciate and acknowledge these advancements, as they fuel our drive to advocate for further progress.

Let us continue to support one another and celebrate the positive changes we are making together. By recognizing our collective efforts, we strengthen our call for a sustainable, equitable, and brighter future for all.


Melak Mengistab Gebresilassie joined Common Earth in its early days and was part of the team that designed the course. He also facilitated many of the first pods of the course. This blog post was originally published on his LinkedIn profile, which can be accessed here.

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