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Camp Scugog Teaching Garden

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Published in the Common Interests Newsletter - September 2021

Camp Scugog is a summer camp in Ontario providing experiences for low-income, inner-city families. There were two exciting developments there this summer. The first is that it received funding for an outdoor education program that will run every fall. The second is that the Common Earth crew planted a teaching garden at the camp.

The hard work of our team has yielded so much for the camp. It has largely fed those on site throughout the summer and will continue to do so into the fall. It will also act as a tool to educate participants about the role of soil in our food health and in combatting climate change by sequestering carbon and trapping it in the ground – which makes the soil healthier, which makes the food more nutritious in the most virtuous of feedback loops ever!



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