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10 ways to move towards a plant-based diet. 

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Moving towards a plant-based diet can for many seem like a daunting task. But some tips and tricks can help ease the transition and best of all, it will have huge upsides not only for the health of our planet but your health as well.  

Here are our top 10 tips to help your green journey: 

A table full of small bowls containing various edible seeds, legumes and plants.

1 - Eat more of something else 

This is the crowding-out effect. The easiest way to eat less meat is to eat more of something else. Make your vegetables the centerpiece and build around them. If you choose to still have meat in your diet, use it as a condiment.  

Various legumes

2 - Add legumes 

Pile on the legumes like beans and lentils! They feel meaty to eat and you get a ton of fiber and protein. And did we mention that they are a much cheaper alternative to meat?!  

A plant-based burger

3 - Use plant-based versions  

If you are finding it difficult to give up meat (or meet resistance from other family members) consider some of the many plant-based versions of classic “fast foods” like chicken tenders, meatballs, hamburgers, hotdogs, and fish fingers. Even cold cuts are available and once you add the tomato, avocado, mustard and whatever else you like in your sandwich, your plant-based sandwich tastes no different than what you are used to.  

A child being curious looking into the grass through a magnifying glass

4 - Be Curious 

Get curious and see your journey as an adventure into new cuisines, tastes, and textures. Relish in the beautiful colors of our plant kingdom! There is a wealth of websites that specialize in mouthwatering plant-based recipes. A few of our favs are and  

A family of four watching TV together.

5 - Educate and entertain yourself 

Educate yourself through the vast selection of documentaries available (a few of our go-to docs include “Game Changers”, “What the Health” and “Eating our way to Extinction”.  

A computer with two hands on it

6 - Research 

Dig into the vast research on the benefits for your health in moving towards a more plant-based diet. We recommend diving into the following resources:, ,  

A large plate with many plant-based tacos

7 - Dine out differently 

Try new restaurants that specialize in the plant kingdom. If you have a say in where you go out to eat, do a little research (websites such as can be helpful). Most restaurants have delicious plant-based options. If you do end up going to a place with limited options, it can be a useful trick to ask for your favorite vegetable side dish as a main or order a few different smaller dishes that are plant-based to make up a whole meal.  

A woman sitting on a table, smiling with a plate in front of her

8 - Eat mindfully 

Getting mindful about what you eat helps to slow us down and can lead to choices that tend to come from a deeper and often wiser place. Next time you have a meal we invite you to reflect on some of these questions: 

  1. Where did your food come from?  

  1. How did it get to your plate?  

  1. How is what you are putting on your plate sustaining our planetary health?  

  1. How is it sustaining your health?  

  1. What does that invoke in you?  

A world map with small squared faces making the drawing of countries and continents

9 - Join a global movement 

Know that you are NOT alone in your journey. In fact, you are in very good company as more people every day recognize the power of plants. Institutions as wide-ranging as Harvard University, IKEA and the City of Toronto are all on board with loading up on plants as opposed to meats.

 a coffee mug with a small vase with succulents and a note written: be kind to yourself.

10- Start slow if needed and be kind to yourself 

If this still feels too daunting, consider starting your journey as a “weekday vegetarian”, which is what Graham Hill invited the audience to do in his Ted Talk. You can alternatively commit to “Meatless Mondays”  as a springboard to introduce more green foods in your weekly meal plan. Lead with kindness to yourself and others - our best choices in life come out of a place of love and compassion and not blame and judgment. And if you do eat beef every once in a while, just as in any diet, keep your commitment consistent and quickly return to your intention and strategy to reduce your methane emissions. 


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