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Common Earth - Change your thinking. Change your World.
Girl looking slightly up to the left of the screen. Her had full of images connected to the course.

Common Earth is combatting climate change with a unique and comprehensive learning program. The program equips those concerned about the climate crisis with a profound and strategic understanding of how to create successful environmental interventions. 

The key to effecting real and sustainable change is to understand the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate issues.

Change your thinking.
your world.

Awaken Possibility!

Common Earth's educational program deepens participants' systemic understanding of climate and associated socio-economic issues from a broad perspective.

Intensive Study

Intensive Study - Book with systems diagram.
Signify. The planet with a white daisy over it, at the top right corner.


Exemplify - A group of 3 people with a light bulb over them representing an ide.


Experiential Projects - a person kneeling working on a plant.

Experiential Projects

Felipe, Netherlands

I joined this program hoping to help make positive change in the world and it went way beyond that, starting with a deep personal change. This program is life-changing and a force for good! Every single human should go through this experience! 

Corina, Canada

There were so many “This changes everything” moments during both modules. I have been able to move past much of my frustration and feeling overwhelmed with the global problems. I, now, feel like I have an entire community of people that I can work with to create effective, long term change. 

Susie, USA

For a non-technical person, this has been a great experience for me to understand better what the scientific and mathematical issues are that are driving climate change


Common Earth is assembling an interactive map, highlighting examples of sites of both sustainable regeneration and environmental harm. We take inspiration from the Gaia model and Daisyworld, which assert that living organisms and their surroundings have evolved together as a single living system that affects the condition of our planet. Like any other complex system, the planet is a self-regulating and goal-seeking system and balance is its default. The goal of the map is not limited to identifying sites of environmental sustainability and environmental harm, but also to provide insight into possible pathways towards a post-carbon society. The map calls for strengthening the balancing feedback of the emerging green and care communities. Additionally, it calls for retiring coal plants, cleaning polluted rivers and oceans, and eventually replacing all the symbols of environmental harm with daisies until our world is covered with sustainable care communities.

Why Daisies?

Daisies are often seen as a symbol of new beginnings, breakthroughs, and bright futures. In Celtic, Norse, and Roman mythology, daisies also represent harmony, balance, and transformation. We use the symbolism of the daisy to highlight important sites of individual and community-based care, working to enhance environmental sustainability through regeneration and rehabilitation. 

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